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Finding Affordable Engagement Rings Online

Cheap Engagement Rings at Torosi

Torosi, simply put, is the affordable choice for luxury engagement rings. But don't be mistaken! "Affordable” doesn't mean "cheap” when it comes to quality. Torosi engagement rings represent the highest quality bridal jewelry available, with equally exacting standards when it comes to the ethical sourcing of our precious materials.

You may be asking: How can Torosi maintain impeccable standards while offering extremely high-quality products to its customers?

The answer to that question lies in the fact that Torosi trims needless expenses at every step of the design process, sticks to e-commerce, and connects you directly with the jewelry you're looking for!

Because we're conscientious about our budget, we can pass those savings on to our customers. Find out more about this below.

Trimming Expenditures

By investing in a cutting-edge workshop as well as some of the most highly-trained artists in the industry, Torosi sets up a true jewelry atelier that's fast, competent, and economical with resources. An added cost-saving benefit of this investment in quality is that our customers are almost always overjoyed with the jewelry they receive from Torosi, which is something we're so confident in, we offer a full refund or exchange within the first 30 days of ordering. We even pay for the return shipping!

When you buy a new engagement ring from Torosi, you can be confident that every step of the process that went into its creation has been overseen by professionals, guided by both experience and support from ultramodern technology, and had its quality double-checked by our team. While you may see all of that in the radiance and fire of our bridal jewelry, you definitely won't see it reflected in the price tag of your purchase.

And that's the Torosi promise.


Selling our jewelry exclusively through e-commerce automatically shaves off up to 20 to 30 percent from your final receipt!

You may ask why, but the answer is pretty straightforward: Without having to pay for the overhead of a brick-and-mortar operation, we don't incur the same level of expense that has to be paid for through mark-ups on our jewelry. Without rent, salary for showroom employees, maintenance for buildings, and the cost of showcasing and protecting jewelry, we only have a fraction of expenses that physical storefronts have.

When you're shopping for diamonds, this difference will really add up, thanks to the fact that the cost of quality diamonds is exponential rather than linear. In other words, diamonds' price tag jumps by leaps and bounds when you go up by carat size. And if you're looking for a big, flawless diamond for your special engagement ring, you're going to want to keep your budget in mind when browsing different options.

In addition, being an e-commerce jeweler allows us to utilize alternative distribution channels. We can source our ethical materials from any avenue we choose and send your pieces through any reliable venue without being tied to any inefficient route. And in any case, we ensure that your jewelry is securely packaged and fully insured while making its way to your home or office.

Cutting out the Middleman

Because Torosi is a fully e-commerce designer, we can send pieces to you without having to go through middlemen. No middlemen or markups means that when you're browsing Torosi pieces, you're seeing a price that more accurately reflects the true cost of making your elegant gold bridal jewelry. No more burning through hundreds-if not thousands-of extra dollars that'll go into the pockets of who knows how many other companies.

Plus, without having a huge distribution chain, you have the added benefit of feeling better about your purchase's sustainability. Fewer links in the chain means fewer miles that your jewelry has to travel, and by association, less gas spent on transporting it across the country. Buying your pieces directly from Torosi is a way of expressing your regard for the planet's well-being along with the human well-being that comes from ethically sourced materials.

And since we aren't dependent on the showcases and whims of brick-and-mortar retailers, there's no limit to the number of variant products we can show you! Imagine a showroom that can show you every metal option for the ring you've chosen. Imagine a showroom that can effortlessly show off hundreds of different pieces from the same designer. That's what you can expect from the Torosi e-commerce site, which never adds any hidden fees for the ability to browse thousands of elegant engagement rings in any style you can imagine.

Why Torosi?

Having inherited generations of experience in the art of jewelry design, Torosi strives to serve the finest engagement rings and wedding bands at a price that's accessible to all our customers. But even with a democratic mindset behind our work, we never skimp on the luxury that not only speaks to women, but lovingly symbolizes the promises of care and devotion that are behind every engagement and wedding.

Torosi understands that your jewelry is a reflection of the decades that you and your partner will spend together, as well as the future generations that will inherit your pieces and love them with the same care with which you treated them. To that end, we offer a best price guarantee: If you find an identical piece for less, Torosi Jewelry will match the advertised price. Check out our best price guarantee page for more information.

If you're interested in the collections of engagement rings and wedding bands we offer to women who'll be brides-to-be, keep browsing our site! Or, if you have a specific question about Torosi or our jewelry, don't hesitate to contact us by telephone at (888) 224-1556, or shoot us an email at

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